Our reflections from the drama show

2C Wong Chun Yat, Jacob (villager)
Hi, everyone. I was a villager in the story. I like this drama practice because I love acting in dramas very much, and my dream is to become an actor so that people can see me on TV. In the show, I think all of our villagers have done a good job because all the actors or actresses have put lots of time and energy to prepare for the show, especially the flower fairy! He did a very good job and he was brave enough to face the audience in his character! As I had to prepare for two musical instrumental exams, I didn’t have much time to rehearse for the drama show towards the end of the practice. I was sorry about that so I had to find some time to practice on my own. I have learnt that being responsible is very important. Everyone has their own role to play so that we cannot miss anyone, even in a rehearsal. That’s all for my reflection. Thanks for your attention.

2B Tam Kar Nam, Sun (god of heaven)
I am so glad that I could join the drama course and play as one of the main characters in the show. In the first term, I was very naughty when I first joined the drama course. Sometimes, I disturbed my classmates, but my teacher told me I should behave better because I had potential to be an outstanding student. I listened to her advice and I tried to behave and perform my character well. After acting in the drama, I thought my English was better than before and I have learnt many new words from the drama show. I enjoyed myself very much and I hope there will be another drama course next year.

2B Man Kin Ho (villager)
I was one of the villagers in the show. I was very interested in acting in the drama and I tried to be very active to play my part in the show. At first, we did not know when and where to move on the stage, but after lots of practice and communication between each other, we finally knew what to do. I have learnt more English speaking skills and how to communicate with my classmates. I think taking part in the show can help me to be more confident in the oral exam too. I think teamwork is very important, because we have to all work together to make our dream come true.

2A Pang Sei Mun, Jasmine (narrator)
I was responsible for being a narrator in the drama show. It was my first time to join a drama show. During the first practice, I felt quite awkward, even embarrassed. I remember that I was often absent from the drama practice so Miss Chan was very angry, but it was still a precious experience. I met some new friends from other classes and they were very funny. It was an unforgettable and joyful experience for me. I learnt a lot through this drama practice. It helped me to be more fluent and confident in public speaking. I really appreciate what our teacher, Miss Chan, has done for me. If I could have one more chance, I would try to do it better.