Implementation of the MOI
(Whole School Approach Scheme)

From the beginning of the 2012-13 academic year, our school has implemented a whole school approach to enriching the English language learning environment. This has been made possible with the help of REES funding from the EB and the support of the school management.

Through the scheme, English language learning activities are promoted in areas other than the English classroom. We have devised a variety of activities including watching daily English TV news and radio broadcasts on cross-curricular topics for the whole school.

For the senior forms, editorials which are read aloud are played during the class teacher’s session. For the junior forms, powerpoints are played giving pronunciation practice of cross-curricular vocabulary. Films are viewed and a book of the film is produced. The story is divided into ten readings which are then played in the class teacher’s session.

As we cherish the learning of English through reading books in English, students are encouraged to read non-fiction and fiction books every week.

The English Ambassadors also help to organize and carry out student-oriented MOI activities as shown in our year plan.


Cross curricular Radio Broadcasts by English Ambassadors

1. Radio Broadcast Programme: Dreams

2. Radio Broadcast Programme: Super Powers

3. Radio Broadcast Programme: chocolate

4. Radio Broadcast Programme: Zombies

5. Radio Broadcast Programme: Chocolate As Money

6. Radio Broadcast Programme: Forensic Accounting

7. Radio Broadcast Programme: Mathematical Genius



Presentation on Current Issues at Morning Assemblies