English Ambassadors 2017-2018】 │ MOI
英語大使協會 English Ambassadors Association 

l 提倡在校園多用英語
l 加強同學以英語公開演說之信心
l 鼓勵同學多用英語, 以提升其英語能力

Aims and Objectives:

l    To promote the use of English around the campus

l     To boost students’ confidence in using English for public speaking

l     To encourage more fluency in English by using English more often




Our school is dedicated to the promotion of students’ English language proficiency.  The six-year curriculum is so arranged that their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills can be enhanced in each level so that the junior and senior curricula can link up effectively.


In the lessons, students have been streamed according to their English abilities to enhance the effectiveness of teaching in smaller groups. In order to strengthen the effect of learning, we have designed English consolidation classes for weaker students as well as English enhancement groups for elite students.    Besides, we  have also organized joint-school oral practices and established a co-teaching scheme.

為提高同學學習英語的興趣,本校除善用課堂教學及課後補課外,更積極營造豐富的英語學習環境。本校設有多媒體語言實驗室、English Corner (英語角)及English Cafe (英語咖啡室),為同學提供一個自助及多元化的語言學習環境。

In order to motivate students’ interest in learning English, in addition to the normal lessons and tutorial classes, we actively build up an English-learning environment.  In our school, we have set up a Multi-media Learning Centre, an English Corner and an English Café.  These facilities provide an ideal self-learning environment for polishing students’ English skills.


Famous quotations are put up on campus and post-lunch listening practices are also carried out in order to increase students' exposure to English.

近年,本校更致力開拓和引進海外教學資源,使同學得到更多教學支援。本校聯同美國北亞里桑納大學進行教學合作計劃,以往暑 假,本校同學均會到美國參加大學的英語學習班,以加強同學學習英語的興趣及信心。此外,兩校亦達成交換教師計劃,大學會委派講師及英文系學生到校協助推行 英語教學,使本校學生得到更多英語學習支援。

In order to boost students' interest and confidence in learning English, our school has been working with Northern Arizona University on co-teaching projects.  Through the professional sharing with other foreign teachers, more innovative teaching methodology is employed.


English Speaking Day: Science

The English Speaking Day : Science was jointly organized by the English Ambassadors and the Science Panel. It took place in the covered playground during lunchtime on 10th May, 2013. The students had hands-on experience with some science experiments. They could also learn some vocabulary and science principles in English, such as density, surface tension, friction and simple chemical reactions. The students took part actively in the activity and they enjoyed the opportunity in doing the experiments.





Inter-school Speaking

An inter-school speaking practice organised by Pentecostal School. The practice took place on 26 Nov and 10 Dec with more than a hundred of participated students from Homantin Government Secondary School, Pentecostal School, CCC Heep Woh College, New Asia Middle School and St. Margaret's Co-educational English Secondary and Primary School.


Summer Community Service Exchange 2015

Over the past few years, New Asia Middle School has participated in CUHK New Asia College / Yale Summer Community Service Exchange. This year, two outstanding university students, one from Yale University (Daniela Czemerinski) and one from New Asia College (Raymond Yang), worked at our school as interns. They encouraged our students to speak English through interesting games and drama activities for senior form students and fun stall games for S1 students.

Students are having a discussion with the interns.

Ms Wong Wai Ting (Principal), the two interns, Mr Nixon Fok (Yale-China Program Coordinator from CUHK), Ms Richards, Ms Chow and Ms Au

The students are visiting the library.





The S1 students are playing stall games on the S1 Orientation Day

Students are doing the rehearsal for the drama ‘Goldilocks and Three Bears’.